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“If you are searching to enhance yourself and trying to find the right doctor and make the right decision of your life, please see Dr. Pousti. He and his office have been such an amazing part of my life. I can’t imagine going through all of this without Dr. Pousti and his wonderful staff. My proceedures included a breast aug., a tummy tuck and a bit of lipo. I only went in for a tummy tuck but decided at that time to enhance my breasts too. What a “right” decision…I scheduled my surgery date that day! I would refer everyone I know to choose Dr. Pousti. He is not just an amazing doctor but also a honest and genuine person. I have referred him a good friend and she also feels the same way I do. I have others that will go to him when they are ready because they love what he has done for me. Not only my body but my self, my outer beauty along with my inner beauty. I’m enhanced and am happier than ever with this change in my life. I hope this has helped…see Dr. Pousti…good luck and take care!”
- Stephanie

“I am extremely happy with the breast augmentation and liposuction Dr. Pousti performed. Dr. Pousti really earned my respect at the initial consultation by having his current patients in various stages of recovery there at his office for me to interview. I enjoyed and learned a lot from their first-hand accounts. This contact with current patients, Dr. Pousti’s careful listening to my likes and dislikes, and his experience sealed the deal for me in choosing him to be my surgeon. The staff was also incredibly knowledgeable and well trained to answer any question I had throughout the whole process. Dr. Pousti was also very thorough during my recovery immediately following surgery. I was surprised at how little discomfort there was! I would definitely return to Dr. Pousti should the need arise, and I highly recommend him to my friends and family. Dr. Pousti really gave me more confidence in my appearance and myself.”
- Mom of 2

“Awesome physician and professional staff!…I came to Dr. Pousti a year ago to inquire about a tummy tuck and a breast lift/augmentation. After 4 children my breasts had lost most of their volume and were saggy. I also had sagging skin on my stomach from carrying 4 large babies. I wanted to return my figure back to its pre-baby state. I had all 3 procedures done in April of 2007 and couldn’t be happier! I feel like my old self. My breasts look better than I imagined they ever could and I have a cute little belly button again! Dr. Pousti and his staff are extremely professional and very attentive. My questions and concerned were always answered. One concern I had while looking for a surgeon was after-care. Dr. Pousti saw me at regular intervals after the surgery to ensure that I was healing properly. This made recovery so much better. I wasn’t worried and was able to relax because I was seen often. If you are someone that is looking for a great person as well as a great doctor than look no more! I highly recommend this doctor and this office.”
- Rachel

“It has been 8 months since my surgery and i could not be happier. I had done my research(many years) and met a few plastic surgeons along the way. Dr. Pousti was my last to meet. I just knew when i met him that he would be the one to perform surgery on me. He knew exactly what I wanted. It was a very pleasant consultation. He was very attentive, never felt rushed nor pressured. He is a very kind person. Plus his staff are wonderful and very helpful. His consultation is free so you have nothing to lose! He is truly an artist!”
- Breast Augmentation Patient

“I had my breast Augmentation over a year ago and am very happy with my results. I picked Dr. Pousti because he was genuine, caring and did not push me to make any decisions & said I could come back anytime and talk with his patients before making any final decisions. It was after speaking to his patients & seeing real-life results that I knew Dr. Pousti was the Doctor for me. He has terrific beside manner & makes his patients feel unique & special. I definitely recommend Dr. Pousti for any procedure. Did I mention he is double board certified? Seriously, meet with him, you won’t regret it.”
- Breast Augmentation Patient

“I had a breast revision done 6 months prior and 3 weeks later my implant slipped out of the stitching. I was very disappointed and decided to look for a new doctor. I found Dr. Pousti’s website and was surprised at all the photos you could browse on breast revision. All his patients had nothing but good things to say about Dr. Pousti. Women would come from all over the world to get their self confidence back. I felt like so many of his patients, where I wanted to have larger breast, but was always told I couldn’t go any larger and that I should have them reduced. I am very pleased that I found Dr. Pousti. He will go out of his way to ensure you get the best treatment and experience during your journey. The staffing at Dr. Pousti’s office are very friendly and helpful in the office, or whenever you need to call and get assistance. I just wish I would have found Dr. Pousti a long time ago.”
- Revisionary Breast Patient

“I got breast augmentation in February of 2011, it’s been almost 2 years! I’m overall happy with my decision and size, although sometimes I worry about if both sides have settled in their pockets evenly and symmetrically…and I am extremely happy with my choice to get silicone over saline (thank you Dr. Pousti).”
- Breast Augmentation Patient

“The only thing that really bothers me is the incision scars around my areola, especially one side where the incision never closed (scabbed over instead) and then formed thick, noticeable scar tissue :( The skin under/around both of my incisions has formed a darkened pigmentation that I feel is very noticeable also.”
- Actual Patient

“I had breast augmentation surgery performed by Dr. Pousti, and I have nothing but praise for his work and my overall experience with him and his office.  I really love my new look!  Dr. Pousti approaches breast augmentation in a very professional way, using techniques that I believe give the highest probability of surgery success and patient satisfaction.  I am very glad that I selected him as my surgeon!”
- Actual Patient

“I have some experience with dissatisfaction from a previous breast augmentation surgery and have learned much from my long journey from flat-ish natural breasts, to an augmentation that was of moderate size but still not really right, and finally to becoming a true “Pousti girl” like so many others, with the breasts I actually wanted and the satisfaction with their appearance that seemed so elusive before I met Dr. Pousti.”

“I came to Dr. Pousti wanting larger and much rounder breasts than I had before, with much more upper fullness.  I knew going in that the look I was seeking was not “natural.”  I feel that in America today, breast augmentation is far more socially acceptable than it was even just a decade ago, and I also think that having breasts that many people can tell have been adjusted does far more good for a woman than harm.  I am now one of the Pousti girls with saline implants (under the muscle) that would be counted in the extra-large category for my body size.  Let’s not kid ourselves: breast implants are purely for appearance.  I am proud to have the improved appearance, and I am not at all afraid of people realizing that I have them.  As I said, I did not ask Dr. Pousti for a “natural look” (I can’t clearly define what that would be anyway, other than no implants), though he is an excellent surgeon and will definitely accommodate anyone’s reasonable appearance goals.”

My breast augmentation with Dr. Pousti was the second one I have had.  My first surgery was performed by a very reputable surgeon in southern California who was located much closer to my home than is Dr. Pousti.  That surgeon has an extremely nice office and by many accounts does excellent work.  I am not going to say that my first augmentation was horrible, because the surgeon was very competent, it was a decent job, and I was not disfigured or ugly.  It was performed in a clean and very modern facility, and many women in my shoes might have considered it good enough and decided to just live with the outcome.  The problem was that after I was fully healed and a great many months had passed, my final appearance was somewhat far from what I really wanted and had asked for, even though I tried very hard on more than one occasion to communicate exactly the look I wanted to that surgeon.  I brought pictures to my consultation with that surgeon, viewed pictures of many of his previous patients for additional comparisons and verification, spoke at length about the look I wanted to achieve, discussed all the pros and cons about the saline-versus-silicone options, the round-versus-teardrop implant profiles, and even sent a follow-up email clearly summarizing the main points about my desires.  I even went through the now-infamous sizing technique where various different pockets filled with rice grains or small resin pellets are used with a bra under normal clothes to aid size selection.  That technique is not usually adequate for choosing a size accurately when a woman is looking for larger implants and wants them under the chest muscle.  It tends to drive your choice toward the small side by making a given implant volume look much larger approximated in the office than it really will, post-surgery, in your body.”

“Dr. Pousti and his staff are by far the best EVER!!! When I entered Pousti Plastic Surgery Center I immediately felt welcomed and at home. I was completely comfortable with Dr. Pousti and his staff. They were able to help me with any and all questions I had. All consultations are free so anytime I had a question I was able to go in without paying for the answer he introduced me to past patience right there in his office who had gone through the same procedure, which helped A LOT to put me at ease!!!! On the day of my surgery when I walked into the Alverado outpatient center I became terrified but the staff there was very patient and reassured me that everything would be great and walked me through all the steps of the procedure. When I awoke I wasn’t rushed out and Dr. Pousti stopped by and told me all went great and told my fiance all after care information and sent me home with a cute basket of flowers. I’m now about 2 months PO and couldn’t be happier with my results. Dr. Pousti has a gift for knowing exactly what you want all I did was give him a few pictures of what I was looking for and the rest was left to him and the results are AMAZING! Thank you so much Dr. Pousti and staff for all that you have done!!! I would highly recommend you to family and friends and anyone else considering plastic surgery!!!”
- Melissa